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Fumigation offers one of the most effective control measures against varieties of stored product pests and for Quarantine purposes for export commodities or plant Quarantine Requirements. In some situation, fumigation has been used for the control of Drywood Termite and Wood borer in structural buildings. The term “Fumigation” is often misunderstood by layman to mean pest extermination, which is the incorrect definition. Fumigation is generally defined as “ a chemical which at a required temperature and pressure, can exist in the gaseous state in sufficient concentration to be lethal to a given pest organism.” Fumigation can therefore be defined as a control technique, which involves the establishment of an atmosphere containing a lethal gas in the environment of an insect of a concentration high enough, and an exposure period long enough to kill the target insect.
Beware of illegal pest control companies
Pest control operations involve high level expertise and equipment support. The customers must check the license of the company and its authenticity before availing a pest control service. It is a fact that a lot of cleaning companies have been engaged in pest control operations in Qatar.The phosphine Gas tragedy occurred at Al-Mubarak area in Kuwait due to the misused pest control applications caused the death of five innocent people vindicate the presence of illegal pest controllers in Kuwait