International Member of National Pest Management Association, USA
About Us
VermineX is a specialist pest control company established in the United Kingdom for the last half century and has since then expanded its branches all over the world, especially well rooted in US&Poland.Now we have commenced under the supervision and control of the Mother Company
M/S MOUNT PEARL INT’L CONTRACTING COMPANY W.L.L. VermineX now plays an important role with regard to providing pest control services across the globe. It has now branches in Europe as well as all over in the GCC.

Over the years it has progressed by leaps and bounds, and today the company is rated as one of the largest and dynamic Pest control service provider in the Pest Control Sector. VermineX professionals are trained to identify the source of the pest infestation the type of Insect involved, and the best Treatment Methods. The team includes Entomologists, MOH licensed Pest applicators, Professionals Trained from US army Entomologists, MOH licensed Pest applicators, Professionals Trained from US Army Entomologists, Experienced Technicians and Safety Experts –all highly trained in Pest Management Field.
VermineX in depth experience, technical and resource capability allows us to provide our clients with best in the class service solutions no matter what the pest issues being faced or client requirement are, big or small.

Our basic goal is to provide a value added service with commitment and professionalism and to provide customers the assurance of prompt and quality service. We provide various pest control and termite solutions to the Public, Industrial,Commercial, Institutional and Residential sectors.
Vision and Mission
Our Vision
To be the leading forces in improving lives and environment.
 Our Mission
Setting the benchmark in the way customers are being served.